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Personnel Management Services

1. Contract Staffing Solutions

Our team consists of individuals that range in skill level from beginner to intermediately experienced to highly skilled geoscience personnel that can be contracted out to fit your program needs and help your business reach its full potential.

We can match your needs with the proper person on our team and get the right fit for the position required.

Bayside specializes in providing workers that range in skill set from:

Field Technician*
(Field Sampling, Mapping Assistance, Field Surveying)

Geological Technician*
(Core Orientation and Teching, Field Sampling and Mapping Assistance)

Core-Cutting Technician*
(Drill Core Cutting and Sample Creation)

Field Geologist*
(Small-Large Scale Mapping, Prospecting and Geological Interpretation)

Core-Logging Geologist*
(Core Logging and Sampling, Drill Supervision, Geological Interpretation, Oriented and Non-Oriented Core)

Project Geologist
(Personnel Management, Budgeting, Planning and Administrative Overview)

*Beginner, Junior, Student, Intermediate to Senior Level Range

2. Recruiting & Payroll Management

Do you have workers, but don’t have the time or capacity to pay them following all the provincial and federal regulations? We can provide your payroll needs by making sure to pay every individual according to the proper laws and regulations of the province and federal government they work in, providing adequate wages, vacation pay, end of year T4 tax slips and ensuring that all their needs are taken care of so that you can retain happy workers and can focus on taking care of your business needs.

3. Training & Capacity Building

Local Workforce
Need someone to work for you that is local to the community you work in? No problem. We can interview candidates for your open position in the local vicinity and bring the most applicable candidates up to the calibre needed through training and certification to get the job done for your needs.

We will arrange the proper testing (criminal records testing, drug & alcohol testing, fitness testing) to make sure that we are only providing you workers that tick all the boxes and will provide the best service possible.

Indigenous Employment
We love partnering with the local First Nation communities to see what members of the community are looking for employment and ready to work in this vast mineral development community. Once candidates are interviewed, we will provide them with the proper training and certification to ensure that they are properly trained, prepared and welcomed into the position with all the skills necessary to help them succeed and to help the team succeed.

Technical Services

1. Project Management

Field Program Management

Geological Mapping
Small-scale detailed showing level mapping to regional mapping and geological interpretation.

Regional rock sampling within claims and property packages using proper QAQC standards and techniques.

Soil Sampling
Soil horizon sampling (MMI, B-Horizon, Humus) using Augers and trowels, glacial till sampling.

Biogeochemical Sampling
Tree bark sampling, sapling growth sampling for various metals.

Trenching/Channel Sampling
Stripping of outcrop, rock channel sampling, mapping and drone photography (if desired).

Drill Program Management

Contractor Management
Management of personnel in an exploration camp, core shack or office setting. Improving workflow and troubleshooting of drilling or exploration problems that arise.

Oriented Core
Implementation and guidance in the drilling of oriented-core as well as providing trained personnel to capture proper structural data for geological structural interpretation.

Diamond, RC (Reverse Circulation)
Supplementation of trained personnel in the geological logging, cutting and teching of drill core for economic project development. Bayside can also provide the oversight of managing of logging procedures and implementing best practices to ensure proper QAQC standards for your best drill program results.

Drill Hole Targeting
Planning of economic mineral targets and helping to execute and troubleshoot the drilling of them.

Providing the proper procedures and ensuring the permits are in place and current to streamline your drilling, mapping or exploration program without any setbacks.

Helping budget the costs associated with implementing your exploration or mining development program by providing quotes, proposals and contracts with all costs clearly communicated and agreed upon. No hidden fees or misguided figures. Bayside will also provide quality professional service with the lowest possible costs we can offer associated.

Best Practices Compliance
Bayside prides itself on having a safety conscious culture. Our employees are provided with the proper safety gear, tools and best safety practices training to ensure they are being as safe as possible while getting the job done efficiently and without injury. We obtain proper provincial worker’s compensation insurance and keep our certificates in good-standing in order to maintain these safety standards.

Health & Safety
QA/QC (Quality Assurance/Quality Control)
Workflow and Procedures Laid Out

2. Data Compilation & Database Management

Bayside can help gather all historical drillholes, showings, previous exploration/mining and mapping work, and general geological and geochemical knowledge base of your area of interest and then compile it into a main database for your property evaluation needs. Let us help you set up a database that can then be used to guide in future planning to develop the area of interest and find as much economic resources as possible.

2D, 3D modelling and digitization
Drillhole, Geological, Geochemical Databases
Historical Data Compilation

3. Reporting

Need help signing off on or creating a report for any of the report types listed below? Bayside can help; having a couple of key members on our team having their professional geoscientist designation in good standing, we can offer to write, collaborate and sign off on high-profile technical reports to writing impactful but less technical reports for assessment credit, project review or for press release purposes.

NI 43-101 Compliant Reporting
Assessment Reporting
Technical Reporting
Project Reviews

4. Drone Aerial Photography/Videography

High resolution and all-encompassing aerial video or photographs of your worksite, historical
showing, drilling progress, cut-lines in the forest or any other work you would like to highlight.
Contact Bayside for more information.

Orthorectified Imaging
Imaging that is digitally pieced together into one coherent high-resolution image that can be geo
referenced in 3D and used in your database for your mapping, promotional or reporting needs.

Confederation CollegeLakehead Univerity

Need a Student Hire?
We work closely with Lakehead University and Confederation College to provide training and work opportunities to recent graduates and students looking for summer work in their field of study in Geology, Forestry, and Environmental Science. Let us help connect you to the next generation of hard working individuals.


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